Perfect pairs blackjack vegas

perfect pairs blackjack vegas

I simulated it and got some results.
Your hand (first 2 cards) has to be: Mixed pair, colored pair, perfect pair, if we dont take Perfect pair bet this modification of blackjack is absolutely similar to Classic blackjack.
A player needs to collect more points than a dealer but the overall value should not be over than.Double Down: On first 2 cards, only on hard 9,10. There are no references to PS in Grojeans Beyond Counting, and a Google search also comes up blank.More common will be a 15-to-1 payout for a suited pair (house edge.6109).An AP who finds a game that allows a maximum wager of 100 on PS and is able to play heads-up, getting 200 rounds per hour, will earn about.76 per hour playing against.

This gives the optimal earnings possible by using computer-perfect play.
Here are my suggestions for protecting the Pair Square bet: Dont allow doughnuts in the pit or in surveillance.
Side bet rules, perfect pair pays 30:1, coloured pair pays 10:1.I make no apologies for my lack of use of analytical power tools for this bet.For this reason, the target true count refers to a value that indicates both a positive and a negative target.In play online casino 770 case of splitting you have to make additional bet.In the double-deck version, an AP will earn about.16 per hour in a heads-up game getting 200 rounds per hour.None of this is very impressive.