Jammer slot machine 9v

jammer slot machine 9v

Jamming the quiero jugar gratis al blackjack MCU or the even the entire board brings to a random condition that definitely is not a win condition/release coins command.
Working pattern: 360 MHZ frequency straight.
1 pistola de gratis black jack 53 silicon - 1 tubito de soldadura - 1 cautin - 1 pasta para soldar -1 cinta de aislar, primero: (Armado de Bobina Primaria y Secundaria).Cooling modes: internal heat sink, it needs 5 pieces 9V batteries.As I said, they prefer to sell their devices at a little price instead using directly on the slots an take all the money, becoming millionaires.Some units are built differently: instead using a big capacitor energy discharged in a coil, they use PWM poker online casino x2 waves at various frequencies driven by a mosfet in to the coil, generating a strong RF field.The same is for the coin release.Work process: 1, through the high frequency inductive power supply (24 to 36 v) for oscillating signal processing, sideways to the appropriate frequency.2, through the special RF transistor pulse oscillation e inductive signal amplification processing after finishing.Listo terminamos con el transistor!

3, through the high frequency coil output rf signal sorting again high magnetic field of electromagnetic wave signal output.
Ustedes soldaran la de la bobina secundaria.
I wonder a single reason that explains why a high voltage field/RF field should put a slot in win mode or instruct a coin machine to release coins.Link: hola amigos Taringueros hoy les enseƱare lo que nadie quiere que sepan!I mean: the "win" condition is well written in the code that the MCU executes.2 metros de alambre esmaltado de calibre 26 (si es necesario pedirlos separados de los otros 4mts) - 1 resistencia de 10k - 1 capasitor de 47 picofaradios - 1 capasitor de 220 picofaradios - 1 transistor BD139 - 1 disipador para transistor.Nothing special, they are using the high internal resistance of 9V batteries to limit the current.Como se muestra en la imagen: El otro extremo del capacitor de 220pf lo soldaran en la ultima patita de lado derecho del transistor y quedara de la siguiente manera: A hora soldaremos la patita de la bobina primaria la que esta a un lado.Vamos a hacer un jammer slot machine paso a paso!