Jack white jack black iphone case

jack white jack black iphone case

(We received the black version.) As you can see from the images here, each bumper almost looks like its part of the phone.
The back of your iPhone is slightly recessed from the Bumper to protect the phones body from scratches.
(Who says you cant find great bargains on the Expo floor any more?).DX cell Phones Accessories iphone accessories gadgets anti-dust Plug, similar Products.All of that is to say that the Curvacious Bumper is an impressive bit of work, though one that, like even the best iPhone cases, has a few flaws.More, recent Customer Reviews, most Helpful Reviews, add your tags: Recommendations Based On Your Recent History.This recessed design feels a bit odd at first, especially in comparison with the flush front, but it doesnt look wrong, and it means that the back of your phone is protected from scratching when you set the phone down.The Bumper is undeniably impressive.As I mentioned above, I accidentally dropped my phone several times while testing the black Bumperdropping phones is a thing for meand it was only the third of those drops, onto concrete, that resulted in a scratch deep enough to pass through the black-dyed layer.For the iPhone.It also feels nice in the hand, although the smooth finish does make the phone quite a bit more slipperyits easier to slide in and out of pockets and purses, but it requires a firmer grip.

On the back, theres a slight schecter blackjack baritone recession between the bumper and the back of the phone.
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In order to preserve the Bumpers profile, Squair uses a recessed cutout, rather than simply exposing the entire bottom of the phone.
The bottom of the case features a cutout that exposes the iPhones Lightning-connector port, speakers, microphone, and headphone jack.
You could imagine this being the actual shape of a phone (think 2014 iPhone 3S rather than a phone with a bumper.Speaking of feel, with the Bumper on, the iPhone 5s feels a bit wider and taller, but smoother and more streamlinedthe Bumper sits perfectly flush with the front of the phone.But while browsing the booths on the Expo floor, one particular case caught my eyeinitially because of its seemingly outrageous price tag, but then, after a closer look, because of its design.The company says it uses airplane-grade duralumin A7075, which is an aluminum alloy made with copper, manganese, and magnesium.I realized that Squair wasnt selling a traditional case, but rather a bumper (a protective accessory that wraps around the sides of the phone).