Blackjack film review

blackjack film review

The settings were perfect for John Woo and he takes an ordinary run-of-the-mill action film and makes it work!
He claims that she needs him, but this desire to protect her is mixed with an anger and a desire to see her dead.
I saw it on TV, and I'd still have felt cheated if I hadn't been laughing so much.
Anyway I really enjoyed this film and would recommend it to anyone.The only surefire way to appreciate Black Jack is to regard it as a scurrilous send-up, Duvivier's final two-fingered salute to Hollywood.Its an enjoyable John Woo film with great action and great acting, But what the hell is up with him not being able to look at the colour White, that was a bite stupid.By looking at her character we realise that she has a lot of problems and as such needs somebody to help her through."Oh yes, I've got this phobia of white things, but only sometimes when the bullets stop flying and we need to stop the audience from changing channels." And even that doesn't work.I would rather see ten movies like this instead of one Mission Impossible 2 or Windtalkers.This film is John Woo from beginning to end and any fan of the action director will instantly recognize that.

The budget purse strings were tight on this project and the filming schedule was short.
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Swedish-born Lundgren is Jack Devlin, a bodyguard for hire who holsters guns all over his body and uses playing cards as deadly projectiles.
The opening 15 minutes just seem to be an excuse for a gun fight the friends are killed off quickly and Casey is relegated to background character.
My favourite scene is the one where our hero' is rendered almost totally helpless by the sight of spilt milk!First, you get bored all the time, because the plot is inexistant, could be resumed as : How soon is dolph that great actor gonna get the woman ( and score).The scenes of Actions with the few badguys playing in it (maybe the others were.Obvious Child star Slate also has some inspired moments as the spouse whos uncomplicatedly devoted, but also has a hidden, competitive streak of attention-neediness.He can take out an group of at least a dozen men armed with automatic guns with only the use of his pistols.Author: BroadswordCallinDannyBoy from Boston, MA Jack Devlin is a bodyguard for high paying clients and his latest juegos tragamonedas gratis con bonus 777 sin descargar assignment has him protecting a supermodel from a killer.That was an error that should have been corrected.Jim is a nice cameo from Fred Williamson but that's about it!Alas, Sanders' is the only character in this crazy film noir pantomime that rings true.